Rodents & Bats

Rodents are known to spread as many as 35 different diseases to humans worldwide. These diseases can be spread through direct contact with rodents, through their feces, urine, or saliva, or through rodent bites. Being bitten by ticks mites or fleas that have been feeding on sick rodents can also spread diseases.

Bats are ecologically and economically beneficial. They serve critical roles worldwide as insect pest controllers, pollinators, seed-dispersers, and fertilizers. However, most people do not want to have bats living in their homes, and we will work within the laws and guidelines set by the State of Florida. Additional information on bats can be found on the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission website.



Florida is host to several types of rats and mice. The roof rat, Norway rat, and house mouse are the most persistent that commonly need control. Rats and mice are usually attracted to food. They frequently gnaw on their surroundings and signs of chewed items may be visible. Other signs of detection include visible droppings and their urine can be detected by using an ultraviolet light. Rub marks/smudges may also be present.


Bats may inhabit buildings and man-made structures due to loss of habitat and natural roosts. There are several ways to tell if bats are present in your home or building. If you cannot see the bats, listen for chirping during the day and look for small droppings (guano) on the floor and staining around entrances. You can also look for bats flying out of the building at dusk, which is when they typically emerge from their roost. Call for a free inspection and let us do the detecting.



The pest control technician will either bate and/or trap the rodents. The technician will then evaluate your home for all entry points and provide a plan to block those entry points. Simply trapping or baiting for rodents is a short term solution, as they will re-enter the structure.


Bats in Florida are protected year-round, and therefore it is illegal to harm or kill them. It is important to note that during the maternity season when flightless young are present (April 15 – August 15), bats may not be excluded without a permit. We perform bat exclusions from August 16th through April 12th. We follow the FWC (Florida Wildlife) approved techniques. Each infestation is unique. Call us for a free inspection and we can formulate the best method of excluding the bats.

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