Fleas & Ticks

Ticks are small blood-sucking arachnids that vary in color depending on the species. Generally 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch in size, ticks are often found feeding on a host (either a person or family pet). Ticks are vectors of a number of diseases including Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Tularemia.

Fleas can be very difficult to eliminate once they have entered your home or infested your pet. Female fleas need a blood meal before they can lay eggs. Once the host discovers bites on their skin, it usually indicates a complete life cycle has occurred inside your home or office building.


Special aerosoles, granular products, and sprays are used to control these pests inside and out of your home. Please call to have an evaluation of your property if fleas or ticks are found.

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